$SBEE Airdrop 1!
We are thrilled to welcome you to our first-ever airdrop! $SBEE, an ERC-20 token on Mainnet, rewards the planet's builders, dreamers, and doers. From degens to regens, your unique buzz strengthens our collective hive. Consider $SBEE your blockchain high-five, acknowledging your contributions to our vibrant community. 🙌
Important information:
Our airdrop operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. We've set limits on how many people can claim rewards to ensure fair and efficient distribution. You can check if your wallet is eligible on our website during the claim period.
Eligibility and reward allocation limits
This airdrop is designed to celebrate everyone in our diverse community. From developers and open-source contributors to NFT creators, holders, and memecoin enthusiasts, we have something special for each of you. Here's a quick rundown of who's eligible and the maximum rewards available:
$SBEE Social Engagement (Max Supply = 3.6B $SBEE)
Engage with our community to earn your share of 4 billion $SBEE! Stay active, share, and connect with us to find out more about specific allocations:
  • Discord & Farcaster OGs: 1,000,000 $SBEE each (max: 888)
  • Newcomer Bonus: 20,000 $SBEE for joining our Discord (max: 15,000)
  • 10M Club: Vocal supporters can earn 10 Million $SBEE (max: 50)
  • Top 50 Discord Referrers: 1,000,000 $SBEE each (max: 50)
  • Server Boosters: Share in 250,000 $SBEE monthly
  • Meme of the Day: Win 300,000 $SBEE in our Discord
  • Tipping Bonanza: 1,000,000 $SBEE to tip in Discord daily
Developers (Max Claim = 5,888)
Deployed a smart contract to Mainnet in the last 12 months? 500,000 $SBEE is waiting for you. Let’s buidl the future together in Buidler’s Borough!
Open Source Contributors (Max Claim = 5,888)
Contributed to one of the top 5000 open source projects on GitHub? Claim your 500,000 $SBEE as a token of our gratitude and come party in Contributor’s Cove!
NFT Creators (Max Claim = 5,888)
Welcome to Creator’s Canvas! If you've created NFTs on Mainnet and Superchain (OP Mainnet, Base, Zora), get ready for 400,000 $SBEE! We are using a dataset from the recent Optimism Airdrop 4 to verify your eligibility.
Gitcoin Donors (Max Claim = 5,888)
Embrace the spirit of giving at Regen Retreat, where every contribution makes a difference. If you have ever donated or funded Gitcoin projects, you're eligible for an airdrop of 200,000 $SBEE.
Web3 Identity Owners (Max Claim = 18,888)
Dive into decentralized identity at Profile Point, where privacy and self-sovereignty reign supreme. Connect and verify ENS holdings to determine eligibility for 50,000 $SBEE.
Memecoin Holders (Max Claim = 18,888)
Join the festivities at Meme Magic Meadow, where laughter and good vibes are always in bloom. Hold $BONK, $PORK, $POND, $MOG, or $PEPE on ETH? 100,000 $SBEE is waiting for you.
📸 Snapshot date: March 22, 2024
Disclaimer: $SBEE is a meme coin. It has no functions, no utility, and no intrinsic value. It does not promise or offer any financial return, profit, interest, or dividend.
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